This is a brand new, OPENED BY CUSTOMS, unused Russian RP-Expeditionary Dry Ration with a best before date of February 2019.


NOTE: the confiscated items expired in February 2019.  REMAINING ITEMS HAVE A BEST BEFORE DATE OF 2020


Part of a special series (PROS), this Expeditionary ration is designed to last 24 hours for one person. The ration contains 1828 calories and weighs 1 lb 5 oz.


- Crackers 100g

- Porridge Rice with Sweet Raisins 60g

- Mashed Potatoes with Fried Onions 60g

- Hot Tomato Sauce 30g

- Concentrated Beverage 25g

- Chocolate Bar 30g

- Apple Jam 45g

- Fig Bar 50g

- Pepper 1g

- Salt 5g

- Fried Peanuts 30g

- Sunflower Seeds 30g

- Breath Mints

- (1) Chewing Gum

- (2) Black Tea 4g

- (1) Instant Coffee 2g

- (3) Sugar 30g

- (4Tabs) Water Purification Tabs 

- (3 Pks) Disinfecting Napkins 

- (6 pcs) Wind/Water Proof Matches 


Actual items can be replaced with similar products or omitted depending on the factory. Replacement of additional canned food and other items are possible. Manufacturers do NOT notify vendors when menu items have changed. Packaging and weight can also be different. FREE SHIPPING TO US ADDRESSES. Please contact us for international shipping rates prior to purchasing.


Please be reminded: these rations have traveled thousands of miles into our hands, then additional miles to reach your mailbox. The contents do shift within the package.

Russian Expeditionary (PROS Series) Dry Ration

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