This is a brand new, opened by customs, unused single meal Lithuanian MRE with a best before date of April 2020.

- Steamed Pork 240g
- Crackers 90g
- Almonds 56g
- Apricot Jam 30g
- Orange drink with vitamin c 30g
- Lithuanian chocolate 36g
- Instant coffee
- Sugar 12g
- Moisturizing Napkin
- Lithuanian matches
- Dry Fuel 10g
- Heating Tray (1)
- Strap for package tightening (1)
- Plastic Spoon (1)
- Heater user manual

NOTE: Actual items can be replaced with similar products or omitted depending on the factory. Replacement of additional canned food and other items are possible. Packaging and weight can also be different.

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Lithuanian Single Meal - MENU 5

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  • This Lithuanian ration is 1456 calories with an approximate weight is .67kg


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