This is a brand new, OPENED by customs, unused New  Civilian Russian Army Ration with a best before date of 2020. The mains where removed by custom and have been replaced.


NOTE: Customs removed the main.  The main was replaced.


- Steamed Pork 240g

- Steamed Beef 240g

- Liver Pate 50g

- Flour Crackers (100g)

- Wheat Crackers (100g)

- Instant Fruit Drink

- Cheese Spread

- Vegetable Caviar

- Honey 20g

- Apple Jam 45g

- Chocolate Bar 30g

- Tea (2)

- Coffee

- Dry Creamer

- Sugar

- Salt

- Pepper

- Chewing gum (10)

- Portable ration heater

- Matches – Water/Wind Resistant (6)

- Wet Towelettes (6)

- Paper Napkins

- Plastic Spoon (3)

- Plastic Knife

NOTE: Actual items can be replaced with similar products or omitted depending on the factory. Replacement of additional canned food and other items are possible. Manufacturers do NOT notify vendors when menu items have changed. Packaging and weight can also be different. FREE SHIPPING TO US ADDRESSES. Please contact us for international shipping rates prior to purchasing. Please be reminded: these rations have traveled thousands of miles into our hands, then additional miles to reach your mailbox. The contents do shift within the package.

New Civilian Russian Army IRP

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$34.99Sale Price