This is a brand new, unopened, unused Russian 24-Hour IRP-VEG ration with a best before date of March 2021. This ration contains 4,168 calories and weighs almost 5 pounds.


PLEASE NOTE: The chocolate nut paste may be compromised due to the long journey from Russia.


- Berry Muesli 1 pkg

- Instant Mashed Potatoes with Onions 1 pkg

- Kasha with Mushrooms 250g

- Vegetable Lobio (shredded cabbage, cucumber, salted sunflower oil, onion) 250g

- Bean Stew (beans, onions, sunflower oil) 250g

- Vegetable Tokana (peppers, sweet carrot, buckwheat, onion) 250g

- Beans in Tomato Sauce 100g

- Cheese Spread 80g

- Crackers 4 packs 200g

- Apple Jam (Butter) 45g

- Powdered Milk 30g

- Condensed Milk 100g

- Chocolate Nut Paste 50g

- Fruit Bar 100g

- Tomato Sauce 2 pkg 60g

- Peanuts 30g

- Fruit Drinks 2 pkg 50g

- Wet Napkins 3 pkg

- Napkins 3 pkg

- Black Tea 2 pcs 4g

- Instant Coffee 2g

- Sugar 3 pkg 60g

- Spoons 3 pcs

- Chewing Gum 3 pcs

- Multi Vitamin 1 tablet

- Salt 5g

- Pepper 1g

- Stove with 3 Fuel Tabs 

- Wind Proof Matches 6 pcs

- Water Purification Tabs 3 tablets


Actual items can be replaced with similar products or omitted depending on the factory. Replacement of additional canned food and other items are possible. Manufacturers do NOT notify vendors when menu items have changed. Packaging and weight can also be different. FREE SHIPPING TO US ADDRESSES. Please contact us for international shipping rates prior to purchasing.


Please be reminded: these rations have traveled thousands of miles into our hands, then additional miles to reach your mailbox. The contents do shift within the package.

Russian IRP-VEG Ration