This is a brand new, unopened, unused Spanish Military Breakfast ration, menu 3 with a best before date of April 2022.



- Bag of Cocoa Powder

- Bag of Cereal Fruit/Honey

- Sweet Biscuits

- Chocolate Bar

- Sweetened Condensed Milk



- 2 Water purification pills

- 2 Solid fuel tablets

- 1 Dental hygiene gum

- 1 Package matches 

- 1 Burner stove

- 1 Bag of napkins

- 1 Information note

- Stove

- Toothbrush

- Toothpaste

- Hand Sanitizer


NOTE: Actual items can be replaced with similar products or omitted depending on the factory. Replacement of additional canned food and other items are possible.  Packaging and weight can also be different. FREE SHIPPING TO US ADDRESSES. Please contact us for international shipping rates prior to purchasing.


Spanish Military Breakfast Ration Menu 3